In 2008 a group of community leaders shared a common vision… to create a foundation that would support and expand clinical trials and cancer research in the South Sound Region, ultimately providing its residents with cancer treatment options otherwise unavailable.

Hence the birth of South Sound CARE Foundation.

Comprised of local leaders in the cancer care community, South Sound CARE's board includes cancer survivors and medical professionals from MultiCare, Franciscan and Northwest Medical Specialties all striving to eradicate this deadly disease.

Cancer has touched the life of most every person in America today; it is the second most common cause of death in the United States. In Pierce County alone, the annual incident rates include:

  • Over 600 new cases of breast cancer
  • Over 300 cases of colorectal cancer
  • Over 500 cases of lung cancer
  • Over 500 cases of prostrate cancer

You can help expand research opportunities for patients in the South Sound Region to improve the cure rate for cancer.  Please consider making a donation to the South Sound CARE Foundation today.