Triple Negative Trial
This trial uses genomics and multiple biopsies to treat women with a highly aggressive breast cancer, which has spread.
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AYA Spirituality Trial
This trial seeks to examine the role spirituality has to play in patients who are adolescents or young adults.
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Compassion & Off Label Use
This agent uses its ability to inhibit signaling from a group of receptors on the surface of the cancer called EGFR receptors.
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Renal- Pembro Trial
This trial uses an immune stimulator which activates the patients' own T cells to attack the cancer.
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CARE Close to Home

Typically, the most innovative cancer research trials are only accessible in metropolitan hubs, and in order to participate, cancer patients are forced to relocate, making an already tough path forward even tougher. The South Sound CARE Foundation grew from the soil of this predicament: caring medical professionals, local oncologists, and cancer advocates wanted to bring the best medical research possible right to Tacoma’s doorstep.

Now, those fighting cancer in the South Sound region have access to convenient, innovative, and free clinical trials, allowing them to move forward without being uprooted from their family, friends, and community.

“When my doctor told me that I had breast cancer, he said, ‘I’m sending you to Dr. Blau. She is like a steamroller when it comes to fighting cancer.’ That was my first bit of luck.”

– Peggy Rowe