Fact Sheet

To advance the quality of cancer care by providing awareness and access to cutting edge cancer clinical trials in the South Sound. We will educate and promote the importance of cancer research in our community. We will coordinate the resources to allow all cancer patients, irrespective of cost, the opportunity to take advantage of the best research options for their treatment. We will be a community recognized for excellence in cancer clinical research.

November 26, 1997

Geographic Area
South Sound CARE Foundation focuses efforts on patients in Pierce County. We collaborate with others around the country to make treatments, that may otherwise be unavailable, accessible to patients in the South Sound region. This includes partnering with the UW Medicine Center for Cancer Innovation, the National Cancer Institute and others.

Core Programs

  • Provide access for patients to Investigational New Drug requests (IND) at no cost to the patient.
  • Support the National Cancer Institute's NCORPS (NCI Community Oncology Research Program) trials.
  • Support Physician Directed Trials in collaboration with local institutions such as Northwest Medical Specialties and Multicare.

In 2015, 27 patients participated in clinical trials supported by South Sound CARE. However, it is more than just the actual patient who is directly impacted by CARE's mission to support innovative cancer research and treatments in the South Sound region. Our patients have reported that by eliminating the need to travel to out-of-state facilities, their families are also positively impacted as patients are able to continue their parenting roles and/or maintain their employment.

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