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    Help us win the war on cancer in the South Sound region.

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    One in four people will develop cancer, often times they will be our loved ones.

Shining a Light on Cancer Research

South Sound CARE Foundation is a regional organization that helps fund underfunded cancer research. CARE, Cancer Awareness & Research Expansion, provides access to innovative clinical trials that might otherwise be unavailable including expanded access trials, investigator initiated trials, and Northwest Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) trials.

Cancer patients may have to travel outside of their local areas to participate in clinical trials. After receiving traditional treatments, these trials are in some cases, the last option available to them. The impact of receiving treatment outside of their community can be difficult for the patient and their family. Traveling while on treatment can be painful and exhausting and cause the patient additional stress while battling this disease. Receiving treatment and remaining in a comfortable local environment is the ideal solution.

SSCF's purpose is to expand and fund cancer clinical trials in the South Sound Region to ensure community members receive their potentially lifesaving treatment locally, remain close to their loved ones and receive the best care possible to see them through this difficult time.

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